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Beauty is found in the most unthinkable objects that we obviously take for granted. A simple oxidized metal, a broken mirror, or even a faded piñata could be transformed. I like to modify these precious items to bring out their allure to the highest sublime condition.

Some objects you want to own and others you want to destroy. There are objects that don't exist yet, until you create them with your mind; the end result is a sculpture; those are "my" objects. Sometimes they seem the opposite of whom I reflect; they come out from my sense if humor, and my fantasies.

I break beautiful objects, because it is hard to do; letting go of a valuable material is hard because it is emotionally valuable, and desired or needed. The process of accumulating specific items and altering them is the most exciting moment I experienced when creating. The result is a surprise. It is hard to control myself, I need to start the process as soon as possible, to discover the result of the eventual piece.

My work is connected by opposing techniques made up of assembling, collecting, and destroying and adjusting. In the end, it is all the same, as everything goes together.

Karen Starosta-Gilinski